Leo James Conroy




'Eye-watering brilliance. He hits you right to the core'

- BBC Radio 1

'An arresting, BIG voice with an amazing range. Definitely one to watch'

- MEDIAN Reviews

'A depth not often seen in young musicians. Powerful. Haunting. Remarkably good' - The Equal Ground



Leo James Conroy is a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. Soulful vocals, jazz-inspired trumpet loops and a warm electric guitar tone form the backbone of a sound deemed 'eye-watering brilliance' by BBC Radio 1.

Conroy's distinct sound is the result of a lifelong obsession with music. A proud northerner, raised in the working class brass band scene of northern England, he has since gone on to become an accomplished conductor, composer and featured artist in jazz bands, orchestras and gospel choirs around the world. Rolling such a varied skill set into one musician lands us with a songsmith whose only focus is to create 'evocative, haunting music built on soulful deliveries'.

Lyrically, much of Conroy's music highlights 'my constant state of inner turmoil...and quest for self-love' following an 'abandonment of faith' after a dark period in his personal life. This is disguised well in his writing and delivery, though; 'I make a point of writing and rewriting every song until it is simultaneously a standalone chapter for me and a story with lots of possible endings for everyone else'. 

With an incredibly versatile voice and warm, expressive horn playing, Leo James Conroy is quickly garnering fans in his new homeland of Los Angeles. Currently recording his latest record, expect new music soon.








vinyl MAG: SXSW Interview

'Leo James Conroy is taking the SXSW stage this year with his signature trumpet in hand and a soulful voice guaranteed to garner fans within the first few notes.'


Gibson Showroom: 'satisfaction'

Performed at Gibson Guitars Showroom in Beverly Hills with band for 'Satisfaction', a new monthly showcase of the cities best up-and-coming acts. Video to follow.


Balcony tv feature


Performed for Balcony TV on a stormy night in the Hollywood Hills.



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